Logo of Saia Pharmaceuticals
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Our Mission:

  • ♦ To provide Quality Healthcare products of international standards to people 
  •    across the globe at affordable prices because we provide skincare for all.

  • ♦ Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all personnel and maintaining 
  •   harmony with the natural environment.

  • ♦ Recruiting, training and retaining the highest caliber of professionals in the
  •   industry.

  • ♦ To ensure the well being of the community by effectively fulfilling social 
  •   responsibilities.


Our Vision:

We will endeavors to emerge as a leader in the integrated pharmaceuticals business by continually achieving and surpassing the highest standards in quality driven and sustainable development through environmental friendly practices. At SAIA we will continuously provide value to all stake holders of the organization with a focus on innovation and core values towards achieving excellence across all operation.

We want to expand our operations into new product lines and new arenas while maintaining the superior quality of our products and upholding our core values.

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