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Career In Saia

SAIA is one of the fastest growing company offers congenital and dynamic working environment to work for.

We manage to keep our commitments alive, what makes us unique and different.

We help our people to attend their peak performance by offering them open door communication and encouraged them to "Be Bold" to make innovative and creative in ideas and decision and we always appreciate each individuals talents contribute to shared vision.

We employee the best people and support them every stage of their career with on going training and leadership development programmed.

We provide every opportunity to each individual to exhibit his talents and explore their hidden potential to achieve highest peak performance in their career.

We strongly believe in the grooming and development of our human resources and we are fully committed to encouraging and supporting our staff in all their endeavors and provide range of training courses on skills and leadership.

Our criteria to recruit on the basis of qualification, skills, abilities and aptitudes and offers competitive compensation plus bonus, incentive, as well as life insurance and medical benefits. We have a lot to offer for qualified, educated employees.


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