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Core Values:

We at SAIA HEALTHCARE believe in the core values of integrity, work passion, respect and caring for the people whose lives we touch – our colleagues, distributors, customers, co-workers and the community at large.

•    We operate within the boundaries set by the law.
•    We strongly believe in doing the right things only.
•    We reward and encourage honesty amongst our employees.
•    We respect all stake holders in the organization
Quality Products
•    SAIA Healthcare has never compromised on quality.
•    We believe that the health of all our consumers is extremely precious and the 
      products that reach them must be of immaculate quality.
•    We encourage bold and innovative thinking.
•    We believe that the company should be in a state of continuous change in 
      order to remain competitive.
•    We take calculated risks, balancing the needs of the business with the needs 
      of the market.

Passion for Success
•    We are determined to be the best at what we do.
•    We are constantly working hard to achieve bigger and better things.
•    We have an inherent desire to improve our organizational structure in order to
      promote efficiency.

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